Post 3- A Monster Calls

In post two my prediction was that Conor’s mom would not make it long. I thought this because this was one of Conor’s biggest fears. He was so scared to lose her. I was kind of disappointed with the ending of the book a monster calls I thought after all of this Conor would be good and his mom would make it threw. I think the main idea of this book is to show you how important family is to somebody. In A  Monster Calls one of the symbols I noticed was clocks. …  the clock in Conor’s mom’s hospital room. They’re all there for the purpose of summoning the monster, but they’re also a reminder of time ticking away which is too fast for Conor’s taste.  Also whenever Conor has his nightmare, there’s one nearby, and it always reads 12:07. A Monster Calls is a shorter book which is beneficial because the author keeps you engaged the entire time. One thing I would change would be less back and fourth between reality and alternate reality(the monster) I found this confusing at times. I like the book I would recommend it to people our age of any reading level.


Post 2- A Monster Calls

I believe that one of Conor’s goals is to get his mom better in the book a monster calls. You can tell this many ways and several different times in the book. For one Conor has become both her caretaker and maid. So you know what that means, this kid has had to grow up fast. All Conor wants is for his mom to get better. He is scared to lose her and has a ton of denial skills facing it. Conor is not going to let himself believe that his mom is going to die. The internal conflict began because of the major external conflict. Everyone at school is ignoring Conor because they don’t want to get involved in what he is going through. This is making Conor feel invisible. I am relating text to self in this because my aunty has cancer and is not doing very good. I can relate to this because she is not going to make it long know how Conor feels. Image result for a monster calls


Post 1- A Monster Calls

The reason I choose this book is mainly because Mrs. Krawetzs recommended it to me. Another good reason is that the book seemed good for my reading level right now. One of the relationships could be Conner and his mom. These two have a relationship that is pretty close, I say this because in his dream he is hanging off the cliff trying to save his mom when the monster try’s to take her into the pit. One question I do have is if he only sees the monster in his dreams or when he is awake to? In the first paragraph what stands out is some of the words are italicized. The word choices in the book made it seem mysterious and creeps me out a little bit. A simile in the book would be on page 3 when he compares his heavy creek of wood outside to a “gigantic thing” stepping across the timber floor.